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We're a design studio working to change the way we think about charity, how we do good, and what that could look like in the world of tomorrow.

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It's just like working with any other design studio, only, if you're a for-profit company, we'll match your spend and donate our time to not-for-profits with big ambitions.

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  • If you think money can’t buy happiness, you’re not spending it right

    It's a well known saying; "Money can't buy happiness', but is it really true? I like my gadgets, I'm a geek - I'm a geek working in the tech industry, it's practically a requirement. Each time I hear of some cool…

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  • The same thing that helped them beg in the street, now helps them to leave it behind.

    For the past nine months I’ve found myself working mostly from Brighton. Brighton has always been a city I’ve been fond of, it boasts such a diverse range of character, incredible bars and food fit for a king. But there’s…

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