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We're a design studio working to change the way we think about charity, how we do good, and what that could look like in the world of tomorrow.

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It's just like working with any other design studio, only, if you're a for-profit company, we'll match your spend and donate our time to not-for-profits with big ambitions.

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From the blog

  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The very real cause behind the campaign

    So you know that annoying craze clogging up your news feed? The one where person after person, celebrity after celebrity, pour a bucket of water and Ice over their head? Well, as annoying as it may be, the cause behind…

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  • A Brief Introduction to WAI-ARIA

    If you're new to ARIA, this article will hopefully set you on the right path to understanding the potential difficulties that users with disabilities can face on the web. It'll also help you to understand what ARIA is for, how you…

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  • If you think money can’t buy happiness, you’re not spending it right

    It's a well known saying; "Money can't buy happiness', but is it really true? I like my gadgets, I'm a geek - I'm a geek working in the tech industry, it's practically a requirement. Each time I hear of some cool…

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